5 Unusual Ways to Use Gmail Priority Inbox

Gmail Priority Inbox

Gmail Priority Inbox, The easiest way to express your ideas at the moment are through email although business process tools exist. In posting through the Gmail, your expertise has enhanced. These free email services keep on making our e-mailing finer. Google is taking a step progress as you need them by organizing your email with the introduction of priority inbox gmail.

People tell us all the time that they frequently feel overwhelmed when to receive more and more emails. We understand what you mean—here at Google, we run on e-mail. Our inboxes are slammed with hundreds, sometimes thousands of messages a day—post from lists, from co-workers, about appointments and automated post that’s frequently not significant- which process improvement tools like Hello can help. It’s time-consuming to determine what needs a response and what must be read. Fortunately, Gmail introduced its “Gmail Priority Inbox”, which will reduce your email load and keep your inbox organized.

What is Google Priority Inbox?

This new attribute called the Priority Inbox would renovate the ways to catalog your e-mails, arrange them and moreover it is possible to read the relevant e-mails from the mess. Wondering how? The Priority Inbox is primarily an algorithm that comprehends how you read e-mails depending on the main words or by assessing in the list to whom you regularly send e-mail and vice versa. All the emails are subsequently put into another Inbox, so they come directly into view above all other e-mails. Also, if you want to access such hassle free email conversation management then sign up gmail priority inbox.

You may also manually set the precedence for the favorite senders out of your Gmail settings. All these e-mails which you give priority are put into a new tab above your Inbox. Your inbox can be organised according to your priority. As you may not have to look up for the urgent e-mails in the stack of thousands of e-mails that fill up your inbox and it is possible to conserve time here. In the priority inbox they are packed with some useful label like the Starred; e-mails that you need for future references and Everything else; which include all other e-mails.

5 Best Ways to Use the Gmail Priority Inbox

Gmail Priority Inbox

  1. Customise your sections

By default, the priority inbox comes with three different sections – Important & Unread, Starred and Everything Else. However, it does not imply that you leave them in that manner. You are allowed to make section show messages from a particular label (for instance, To-Do Label or Action label) as the fourth part, and can even change the maximum size of section directly from the inline menu.

  1. See the best of your filtered email messages

The purpose of the Priority Inbox is not only to show you the finest of your Inbox, but also the best messages that you filter out of your inbox. To access this benefit, only change the Priority inbox setting to “Override Filters” and kudos, the Gmail will show any relevant email messages.

When you turn on this option, you can more aggressively use the filters to archive and avoid the stress of losing important messages.

  1. Train the system

Did you know? If Gmail makes any mistake, you can make it realise the mistake to categorize your messages better. For the same, you just required choosing the mis classified message, then from the top of your inbox use the importance buttons to mark it precisely not relevant or necessary.

For people who love to use the keyboard shortcuts can access this feature using the “+” and “-” signs on your keyboard to adjust the importance level.

  1. Archive the unimportant message quickly

One of the best features of the Gmail Priority Inbox that I found it useful is its ability to archive all your visible email messages under the “Everything Else” section in one go. To access this feature, all you need to is click on the down arrow, which is next to “Everything Else” option and choose the “Archive all visible items” option.

From the same drop down you can also increase the number of visible email messages that will help you “Archive” large set of email messages at once.

  1. Use filters to Make Sure individual Email messages get marked critical 

If you read and reply a lot of messages from your boss, Gmail automatically categorizes such email messages under “Important and Unread” section. However, if you want to be 100% sure then you can create the filters for the email messages from that sender and select “Always mark as important”.

Likewise, if you routinely read email messages from your favorite magazine, priority inbox should automatically mark it as important. If it ends up in the “Everything Else” section, you always have the option to create a filter and market them as important.

Is there any other Gmail Priority Inbox feature that I missed, you are welcome to share the pointers in the comment box below. I will certainly mention it on my blog with the reference.


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