9 Most Popular Gmail Apps Everyone Is Talking About

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Numerous individuals use Gmail, and it has made great strides in upstaging Hotmail and Yahoo Mail as the favourite e-mail for many reasons. With new attributes which are geared toward enhancing the user experience, Gmail is always experimenting through Google Labs. Yet there has additionally been an emergence of hundreds of new web programs which are developed by third parties enable you to manage and arrange your e-mails. This post takes you through some of the excellent Gmail apps that make you fall in love with Google again when you start using gmail app.

How to sign out of Gmail app?

Step 1 – Go to Gmail app

Step 2 – Click on left top icon (which is three horizontal lines)

Step 3 – Select the Gmail address which you want to remove and click on Edit tab on top left bar

Step 4 – Then touch the Remove tab in front of Gmail address which you want to remove

If you are thinking how to logout of gmail app then follow these above mentioned steps.

Always use Auth Access for Gmail Web Apps

Google is constantly looking to improve the user experience because of its Gmail service while keeping a high level of security. And one of the solution that Google devise towards better account security is through OAuth Access for Gmail IMAP/SMTP servers. To put it simply, OAuth Access is a protocol which is used by third party programs to get authorization from the user to access their information with no need to show their password. That is very relevant to any non-Google apps (applications that are not developed by Google) that require to retrieving the user’s information on gmail desktop app.

Users can have satisfaction as it prevents their gmail app password or login details from being stolen or shared without permission to any third party Gmail applications that use the OAuth Access Protocol. You can find many programs that need you to export your Gmail data (e.g. contacts list, emails, and images) to other platforms and with Gmail OAuth Access, you can appreciate external services safely and securely without sharing your sensitive Gmail log in data. Even you can easily install gmail app for iphone.

9. ScanDrop


ScanDrop (beta) is one easy, free scanning software application that makes it possible to scan and upload your doc into your favorite online storage provider: Google Docs, within your Gmail account. It is a fantastic Gmail web app connected to a series of cloud storage systems and desktop scanners, thus enable you to scan, attach and send the documents to your Google account. Even if you are Apple user then there is gmail app for mac that you can install on your Macbook. There is also gmail chat app that you can download along Gmail app to stay in touch with people.

8. SaneBox


This Gmail web application or gmail app for windows removes low-priority emails out of your inbox and keeps them organized leaving your inbox just with high-priority email messages. All of us understand how frustrating it can be to keep important e-mail sorted from a wilderness of mail in your inbox. This download gmail app and distinguish the most relevant material  from the less-significant material in your inbox.

It offers following features:

–    Response tracking
–    On-click unsubscribe
–    Snooze non-urgent emails

7. Gmail Desk

Gmail Desk

This app can be installed on Linux or Mac operating system on your personal computer. Instead every time, you use Gmail login page; you can simply open and click the gmail mac app on your desktop computer, and you are welcome to account. Also, it enables you to get Google Maps, Google Docs and Google Calendar.

6. Gremlin

Gmail Desk

If you realize that every time logging in your Gmail to look for e-mail is a hassle, then you must use the Gremlin Web App. This program can search your email without sign in for gmail account. You can even use the gmail app android without requiring to log into the accounts to search Twitter, Evernote, Dropbox, Facebook Google Docs and LinkedIn.

It offers following interesting features:
–    Organizational tools
–    ROI/analytics
–    Translation
–    LinkedIn Groups and Facebook Fan page
–    Search
–    Feed Manager

5. ActiveInbox


ActiveInbox is another fabulous Gmail web app which is  more of a project manager because it sorts your emails into tasks and enables you to create reminders and schedules. Simultaneously, Task force is another program which allows one to organize your e-mails.

4. The Other Inbox

Other Inbox

The Other Inbox is a Gmail application that arranges your email messages according to labels and types. Added exceptional feature is its ability to unsubscribe you automatically you to all e-mails which are set in a particular group i.e. unsubscribe type. If your inbox is full of e-mails that you are subscribed to but hardly read them or do not wish to receive them now, then these e-mails can just transfer to the Unsubscribe Folder. Consequently, you no more receive these e-mails again and they are going to be automatically unsubscribed.

Also, you can login to another gmail account and can easily use this app for multiple Google accounts without any hassle.

3. Boomerang


Boomerang is an e-mail scheduler that sends your draft e-mail at your schedule time only. Also, schedule and reminders can be set by you in hours or days ahead. The boomerang application may be used with Gmail and you will find it useful in case you are small business proprietor or a busy man.

It is also a best follow up reminder – If you need a cleaner inbox, but do not need to lose a track of important messages? Simply click the Boomerang button and have an e-mail open. Your message will be archived by Boomerang. At the time,it will bring back the messages to your inbox when you select indicated unread, starred or even on top of your message list.

2. Cloud Magic

Cloud Magic

This Gmail application is an instant search tool that enables you to search e-mails immediately. Also, it lets you drag and drop files as attachments in your email and can be done with your present email open, from your preview window, so you may not have to move away to a new window or need not to use sign in on gmail multiple times.

Moreover, it works on all devices from Android to iOS to Mac.

1. Away Find

Away Find

The goal of the Away Find Google Mail app is simple. It sends notifications to you via voice call, SMS, mobile phone or IM when you receive an important email message. You need to log into your Gmail account to check for an email before going on a holiday or any place provided that you have your mobile phone along and you never have to make Gmail login multiple times. The app also ensures it attend to the messages on your behalf, set to send notifications to individuals in your team.

The Gmail web apps can be downloaded and installed on your mobile device, rather than being rendered by a browser, which helps to satisfy business requirements or private use for an individual. The app may draw on information and content in similar manner to an internet site, so that it can be obtained without an Internet connection or it may download the content.

With these gmail app for ipad and Gmail web apps you can easily avoid the hassle of using your sign in in credentials every time you want to access your account from a new network.


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