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How to find who access my Google Drive Folders and Files?

Google Drive Folders, When you access the Google account or any of its products including Google Drive – all the files and folders inside the G-Drive are private by default until you decide to share them. You can even share the access of any of the files and folders either to the specific person or make them public.

What is Google drive?

Google Drive was first launched in 2012 and it is a synchronization and file storage serve developed by Google Inc. It let the users to store their files and folders on cloud and access them easily from anywhere and anytime. There is also an option of storage purchase and to access the google drive pricing visit their official website.

If you are a Google app user, you can make the files and folders shareable within an organization without granting access outside the domain.

You not just control the access to those files and folders but can assign the level of access to people. For instance, google drive login let you share the content with others at following levels:

– Read and write- Read only

– Read only

– View only

Moreover, if you want to share the large file with someone, then you can upload it to your Google Drive and share it access to that person (with the view mode only). Make sure that person first google drive sign in to access those shared files. Also, no one can access google drive sign in with one email address as each Google account is associated with one drive only.

Who can edit or view my Google Drive files?

Who can edit or view my Google Drive files

You may have the spreadsheets and documents uploaded to your, which is accessible to others. Anyone who has the link to that file or folder can view them. However, the level of access can be chosen by you (as said earlier).

Note – you can also download google drive on your Android or iPhone for easy access.

You can share the folder/file or make them public depending upon your wish.

Do you want to know who has the access to your Google Drive folders and files and which files are shared with others? Well, Google does not offer the easiest way to know this.

However, when you access any of the file and folders in your Google Drive – click on the share button and go to the advanced option. It will display the list of people with whom the file is shared and what is the level of access each person has with that file.


It is a new Google add-on that tracks and scan the entire Google Drive. Based on the individual parameters it generates the comprehensive report on which file is shared with whom. It also lets you know what level of access people have in a shared file.

Initially, you may think that Drive Auditor is not your cup of tea. However, in a few days of the time of regular use, you will start loving it. At least, this is what happened to me when I tried to play with permission settings on my google drive.

Google Drive – More about File Permission Report

Who can edit or view my Google Drive files

Google Drive Auditor add-on is primarily a Google script that once installs will read the entire data of your Google Drive and generate the report on spreadsheet accordingly. It is 100% secure app.

Step 1 – Install the Google Drive auditor add-on and authorize it.

For more detail watch the video tutorial of installing the Google Drive Auditor.

Step 2 – Go to inside the Google spreadsheet and select the Add-on menu.

Step 3 – Select the Drive Permissions Auditor and start the audit.

Step 4 – It will immediately open the sidebar with a search bar where you mention your query. Based on your search keywords it will bring back results of all matching files.

You can also download google drive desktop from here

Here are a few examples of Google Drive Search Query:

Google Drive Search Query

mimeType=‘application/’ (scan the access permissions of only Google Spreadsheets in my Google Drive)“me” in owners and trashed = malicious (all files owned by except those in trash)

Once the scan is complete the report will include the following information:

– The file location in Google Drive

– When file was created and modified

– The owner of the file

– The file’s MIME-type (file extension) and file size

– Who has view, edit and comment permission on the file/folder

You can use the filter and functions in the spreadsheet to find the specific files matching your criteria. Also, you can click on the given file name which directly open to the Google drive. There is also Google drive for Mac or Windows or Android that one can easily download.

Both, the Gmail and Google Apps accounts can use the Drive Permissions Auditor. As a domain administrator, you can install the add-on for all users in your domain.

The add-on is free of use and can scan up to 200 files in the Google Drive. If you have more than 200 files in your drive, upgrade to a premium edition that will scan and generate a report of every file and folder in G-drive.

If you have any questions regarding how to use google drive drop your query in a comment box below and we will reach out with a right solution soon.

TIP – you can also set the expiry link of your shared files of folders in Google Drive.

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