12 Coolest Features of Gmail account

Features of Gmail account

There is no denying that Gmail is one of the widely used email client services throughout the world. Moreover, it is the best among all as per the users’ ratings. I think that there is hardly any person who is not aware of Gmail. Or does not have gmail sign in account.

12 Coolest Features of account

If you are like me who uses the Gmail primary account significantly and manage most of the things through Gmail, then you should learn about these 12 Coolest Features of account. I am quite certain that most of you still do not know about these features and how they can benefit you. But before that you must be gmail sign up. Sign in

To access these coolest features of Gmail, one must log in to Gmail account. All you need is to enter your username and password and click on the gmail com sign in button. It will take you to your Gmail inbox from where you can easily add, delete or access all different features of Gmail.

If you are bit confused, then follow the blog on how to login to Gmail account. sign up

In case you do not have the Gmail email address then you must create a Gmail account to access all the features of Gmail. Visit the site and click on the sign-up or create account options. Enter all asked details and click and verify your phone. This is it! Your sign in account will be created.

To know step by step process of Gmail sign up, please click here!

What are the top features of Gmail?

  1. Filters

It is one of the best ways to manage your incoming email messages that redirect them to designated labels or delete them or archive them. Even automatically forward these emails. It also enables you to add rules in your Gmail filters to make it more efficient as per your requirement. Again, you need to be gmail sign on to use this filter.

  1. Priority Inbox

It is one of the best features of Gmail that I personally like as it keeps all my important messages sorted and my inbox clutter free. By default Gmail categorizes the inbox into 3 different categories – “Starred”, “Important & Unread” and “Everything else” sections. Learn more about Priority Inbox here. 

  1. Keyboard Shortcuts

You must already know that Mac OS, Windows operating system have their own keyboard shortcuts but guess what Gmail also has its own keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts literally save a lot of time especially when day to day job involves working on the www gmail com sign in account. Once you memorize these Gmail keyboard shortcuts then it is proven a boon to Gmail working.

  1. Mute Conversations

I am not talking about the chat or hangout but here I am referring to the Email conversations and yes, you can mute them. I can understand how annoying it is to receive multiple conversation threads as soon as you sign in gmail account. I am subscribed to various marketing newsletters but do not want them to pop up every time catching my attention. Also, I do not want to unsubscribe from them. What to so in that case? Well, you can use the “Mute Conversation” feature that enables you to mute the Email threads of particular email address.

  1. Grant your Gmail account access to others

If you have multiple Gmail account and using them for marketing activities and emailing which you think should be managed by your assistant. Then it is a right time that you Grant the access of that Gmail account to your assistant. This feature will let them access that account of yours without logging out from their gmail sign in login email account.

  1. Video Chat

To access the video chat feature in Gmail you need to login to your Gmail account or just go to gmail com sign in page. Go to your contacts which are displayed on left side of your inbox. Click on one of the contacts and start having the text, voice or video chat with them. You can also have the group video calls in Gmail Hangout.

  1. Always use HTTPs

It is always suggested to use the secure connection even if you are on the public network. You can leverage the Gmail HTTP setting in such regard. Just go to the settings after logging into your Gmail account and click on Browser connection then select “always use HTTPs” and save your changes. Although, when you enable this feature then Google reported certain issues with Google toolbar and Gmail mobile application.

  1. Canned Responses

The canned response is another favorite feature in my list as it saves lots of time. As the name suggest canned responses enable you to send fixed set of responses to a particular set of emails or recipients. It is an unusual feature and you can learn more about it here! And for that make sure you are sign into gmail account.

  1. Advance search option

Once you get familiar with Gmail and start working on it frequently than using its advanced feature will make you fall in love with Gmail again. For instance, in 2010 Christmas you received an email with an attachment but you do not remember who send it? This is where you can use the Gmail advanced search feature.

  1. SMS from Gmail

Can you magnify your Gmail chat to SMS? It enables you to take your conversation with you wherever you go. In case you are worried about the information theft then do not worry as Gmail has a way to block the incoming text message.

  1. Offline Gmail

It is a boon in times when you cannot access the internet or online Gmail. For instance, you have only Wi-Fi enabled IPad or in a non-Wi-Fi zone and want to access your offlineGmail account. In that case, offline sign in is a great feature to use.

  1. Got the wrong Bob?

Wait! Do not scroll down as it is the name of the feature “Got the wrong Bob?” by Google labs. It happens to almost every Gmail user that we try to send an email to one person but sends to another with the same name. In that case, you can eliminate this confusion using theGot the wrong Bob?” feature.

Well, I hope that you like these 12 coolest features of Gmail account. However, these are some of the best features of login sign rest we will continue in the upcoming blog.

If you have any questions or concern on Gmail features or sign in gmail email or sign up gmail, drop your query in a comment box below, and we will get back to you with a solution soon.

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