How do I see my Google Location History? Learn the Tricks

Today, we are living and breathing in a fast-paced world of technology and by now, most of us should be aware that our smart devices share and send away the location data with the 3rd party apps. Certainly, it can be prevented by turning off the location sharing feature in our Smartphone or other smart devices. However, this would certainly make apps on your smart device useless – think about Google Maps, Foursquare or any other travel and navigation app.

It is perhaps the reasons that our phone shares the location details. However, do you know that how often it does that – well, it is doing that quite frequently.

For instance, a few days back, I had a couple of drinks in two bars in New York, and my location shared to Google every minute, rightly when I was transitioning from one place to another. It is quite surprising and shocking.

In Much Detail, You Can See Your Past Location History with – Google Maps Timeline

Sometime in July 2015, Google completely revamped its Location History tool and re-named it as “Your Timeline”. It comes with much more improved user experience and streamlined design.

Google wants you to use your Timeline to “effortlessly remember all the places where you have been – whether it is the fun bar where you enjoyed few drinks with your best pals or visited the museum a few months back during your last holiday”.

Moreover, you can easily access all your stored location history easily on your smartphone as Google integrated your Timeline into its last Google Maps update.

How you access your Google Timeline?

  •    It is simple, open your Google Maps.
  •    Click on the left sidebar; now you will find “Your Timeline” option below the “Your Places.”

Now, inside your timeline, you can see all the destinations or places you went directly by selecting the dates including the details like, how you reach the location and how long you stayed there?

In case, you want to delete your location history of any particular date; you can do this simply by selecting 3-dotted icons then “Delete the Day” option.

How to delete or turn off your Google Location history data?

Sometimes, it is very useful to keep the track of all the places you went in past days, months and years with precise date and time. However, you must know that all this data is not stored on your personal device, but it is on cloud-storage of Google’s servers.

Fortunately, Google’s makes it simple for users like you and me to delete or turn off the location history altogether. In case, you are interested in deleting all location data, simply follow these steps.

How to delete the Google Location history?

Step 1 – Go to Timeline Interface.

Step 2 – In the bottom right corner select the cogwheel icon.

Step 3 – Select the “Delete all location history.”

How to turn off the Google Location history?

Here are simple steps that you can follow to turn off the Google Location history for both Android and iOS devices.

iOS Devices

Step 1- On your IOS device open the Google app.

Step 2 – Select Settings>Privacy>Location and the select Location History.

Step 3 – To turn it off, choose “Do not store” option.

Android Devices

Step 1- Based on your device type either select the “Google” settings within your primary phone setting menu or open the “Google Settings app.”

Step 2 – Select the Location

Step 3 – At the bottom select the “Google Location History.”

Step 4 – Now, you can either turn it off just for one of the listed devices or for your entire Google account.

The Final Words

When you study the Google Map’s timeline, you will understand that Google is accessing your location details in much more invasive ways than you think. However, you have full rights to disable your location history in the settings if you do not want your location to be stored online.

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Only, open the Google map application on your device, go to your timeline and select the three dotted icons. Click on the “Manage Location Settings” then choose Google location settings and turn off location history for the respective accounts.

Personally, it is a neat and easy way to tap your location history like your last year’s vacation or where you were in last weekend when you had just little over few drinks with your friends. In such cases, Google Maps Timeline is your best mate.

Are you worried about Google NIL the location data maps through your Timeline or you are like me admiring the new technology? Let me know what you think about this in a comment box below.


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