How do you sign into your Gmail account?

Practically unlimited free internet storage lets you collect all of your messages, and Gmail’s easy but quite wise interface allows you to locate mail just and watch it in context with no effort. POP and highly capable IMAP accessibility enable you to get your email using any email application or device.

In the following blog, let’s take a look to Gmail sign in tips and ideas.

Gmail sign in from Computer

Step 1 – Open your browser and go to

Step 2 – Enter your Gmail username or phone number and click on Next

Step 3 – Now enter your password using the same www gmail com login page

Note – If information is already saved here but you need to login to different Gmail account, click on “Use another account” option.

Also, if the page does not show you sign in columns then in the top right corner of the page click on sign in tab, which will take you to your my mail sign in page

When you sign in to Gmail account from public computer, make sure you sign out from the account for better security.

How to set up Gmail in Android and iOS devices?

Gmail Sign in from Android Devices

First you need to have Gmail app in your Android device. Then only you be able to gmail sign i to your account using the app.

Step 1 – First you need to make sure to have updated Gmail app version. If you don’t have it then update Gmail app here.

Step 2–On your Android tablet or phone open, Gmail app.

Step 3–In the top left menu click on three horizontal bars

Step 4–Now, on the right of your username, click on the dropdown arrow

Step 5 – Click on Add Account option

Step 6–Now, select the type of account you wish to add

Step 7 – To add the account, follow the instructions

Once your account is added now you will be able to sign in to your Gmail account. Now we have Gmail new login page that offer more user friendly interface.

Gmail Sign in from iPhone and iPad

Unlike Android devices iPhone and iPad does not come with default Gmail app. Hence, you need to install it from the Apple store. And, yes it is free of cost.

Step 1 – On your iPad or iPhone open the Gmail app.

Step 2–In the top left, tap on the three horizontal bars (which is by the menu)

Step 3 – Tap on your account address

Step 4–Now click on Manage accounts option then go to Add Account option.

Step 5 – Here you enter your Gmail username and password

Step 6 – After your Gmail account is added, you will be signed in to your Gmail account everytime you open your Gmail app.

Gmail Multiple sign in problem and solution

You will find some constraints nevertheless here. One, in case you sign-out of one Google Account, you may automatically get logged from all of your other Gmail / Google Accounts also. Second, if you’re starting a new browser session, then you will need to log into your entire Gmail accounts individually because you may change from one account into another.

Gmail provides a practical feature known as Email Delegation at which you can share your inbox along with different people but without showing your password. As soon as you assign your Gmail accounts to a person, they get immediate read-write access to a mailbox plus they get signed into your Gmail account after they sign into their Google account.

Go to your mail settings after signing in to your secondary Gmail account. Then go to Accounts > Grant Access to your account. Select “Add another account” option and mention your primary Gmail address here. Once done, instantly you will get a confirmation email in your primary Gmail account.

Go to the confirmation email and accept the request. For all your other Gmail accounts repeat the steps.

This delegation choice is only confined to Gmail so while it is possible to check your email accounts from a different Google accounts; you’d still have to sign-in to get your Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Plus and other Gmail products.


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