How should I know that someone Else Is Using Your Gmail Account?

Gmail Account

 Gmail Account, Today, the most hurtful thing about the digital world is the “Information Theft”. The emerging trend of cloud computing, smart devices, and GPS-enabled apps are some of the ways that make our personal information vulnerable.

A stranger will access one reckless move in your digital information security essentials and all your information.

Here is a detailed guide which will assist you to check if your Gmail account accessed by another person. Something to notice here is this process isn’t fooled proof, nor will it ensure you will be able to identify any intruders.

Your Gmail account likely includes some sensitive information—e-mails out of your friend and family members, info about accounts for other services, candid photos, you name it. What if someone else has been poking around in there? Luckily, you are given the tools by Google needed to learn.

How can I Check If Someone Else Is Using My Gmail Account?

STEP 1– Login to your Gmail account from your web browser (it would be great if you access the Gmail through Chrome). Once the Inbox screen appears, scroll down and in the lower right corner click the label “Details”. (It is a minuscule link. Hence you need to look carefully).

Gmail Account

STEP 2- Now, click the link and a pop-up window will open containing ten times when someone accessed your Gmail along other details including – How they accessed your Gmail account (like email app, a browser and so on). It will also tell you their IP address and when they are accessed.

Gmail Account

NOTE –If you find something worth your attention, immediately change your Gmail password from the Settings tab.

While you are at it, simultaneously turn on the“two-step” verification feature, which will add an extra layer of protection to your Gmail account. I am using it and trust me it is quite amazing and easy to install.

A word of advice

If you are concerned with the IP address and unable to comprehend what is IP address and how you should know which is yours? Just visit the site like from the location where you work or reside to check the IP address of the network you are using. Even you can check the IP address any network (private or public)

If you have any question or concern regarding the Gmail security, just drop your query in a comment box below, and we will answer you within 24 hours.


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