Learn about 10 Different Google Sign In Accounts

Not many peopleunderstand that Gmail has up to 15 GB added storage to share your contacts directly from your device or Gmail account.In case, you are someone who manages these kinds of the big files then it’s an excellent option to select them as the primary means by where you can transport these data. Gmail also supports multiple devices offering unique functionality even if you should be connected from an app to manage day-to-day tasks through your Google account sign in.

There are a broad array of Gmail services and gmailapps for easy sign in to Google account.You may be heard about some of them while others are not so standard for your use. In this article let’s take a look at top 10 Google Services in which you can log in with your one Gmail Id.

Sign into Gmail e-mail account is not a brainteaser It only needs to have an excellent memory for information access. As we start to enter the issue in the official sites of Gmail in login gmail sign in from a browser like Google Chrome you will understand that to continue you must click on the “sign in” tab after entering username/email and the password. This will easily let you sign in Google account.

A Sneak peek to Sign in – Google Accounts

  1. Google Account

In all available Google services, it is the primary Google account. When you sign up or login then it will take you to the sign in for page. If you do not have the account yet then first access Google account sign up page.

However, if you do not have an account yet then click on below given URL below to create an account
now. There is also other information blog like how do i sign into my Google account that you can access for better understanding.

When sign in google accounts, you can even select whether or not Google should remember your password. If you choose yes, your password will be automatically saved by it, and you don’t need to enter it again when you need to view your emails next times. It will help you not have to remember your password and google mail login automatically. But if other individuals are also using your computer, they can also readily login your account. So, be cautious when letting Google remember your password.

  1. Google Plus Account

It is another social networking site developed by Google. When you sign up google account then automatically you will get the G+ account. You can think it as a complimentary social account from Google. It is somewhat similar to Facebook where you can chat, share and promote the content. You can also create the business or fan page and can promote it further. To sign in for gmail access the following URL:

Note – In order to access my G+ account instead sign in to my google account repeatedly. I keep my sign in info saved.

  1. Google Play Account

On the Play Store, it is possible to get lots of paid and free applications to install on your Android phone or devices. Installing the app is as easy as selecting your desired app in the available categories, go to the link below and click the install button.

The best part is every application available on Google Play Store comes with complete rating and review along “number” of downloads happen till date. To access the play store you must sign in with your google account.

  1. YouTube Account

All of us know what YouTube is, it’s a favourite spot to view web videos uploaded by individuals all over the world. Anyone can upload their video, and it can be done in the comfort of your house or café or anywhere in the world. All you  need is a mobile device and the internet connection. You just upload that first video  you shot with your camera or can use a webcam to shoot instant videos. Either sign in my google account or sign in on gmail to access YouTube or Click the link below to sign in:

  1. Android Developer Account

Google has anAndroid developer platform where you can login into  – Android Developer Account. If you are a programmer or coder, who needs to learn the best way to create android applications, then you should use Android Developer Account. Additionally, you will learn the best way to publish your app on the Play Store. If you are thinking how to sign into my google account then follow these instructions.

You can sign in to this account from following links:

  1. Google Groups

Groups are meant for those who have a  common motto and networking interest. There can be private or open groups. The administrator of the group will determine if it is going to be a close or open type. If it’s a private or closed group, you’ll need an invitation. Groups are often constructed around particular theme or topic or niche, for example if you require discussing cars, dogs, online marketing or money.

You can create your group or join one now by accessing the following URL. Else you can sign in in account then move to this URL.

  1. Google Sites

Google Websites lets you create static sites as compared to the blogs. Static sites can be used by businesses, artists, freelancers and anybody who needs to show their portfolio, profile and contact details. They are not frequently updated so if you need a landing page to promote to your fans or supporters, your customers, and clients, a static web site is an approach to take, otherwise if you have got routine upgrades you should use blogger. You can sign in below to create a static site:

  1. Google Docs Account

Docs is an online document editor which allows one to work online when you gmailsign. You can edit Microsoft docs like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Your recently published documents will be synced to Docs, saving you lots of time if you have Microsoft Office installed on your computer. To access your saved Docs visit:

  1. Google Drive Account

Google Drive lets you save large files online. It’s an online storage service provided by Gmail users. Anybody with a Gmail account can use the service to upload their back-ups e.g. ZIP files, videos files, audio files and many other data or files on cloud servers. Modest start-ups and companies will find this service useful as it enables them to conserve costs. The drive is free to use, up to 5GB.You can sign in below:

  1. Blogger Account

You are going to find Blogger called BlogSpot quite useful in case you are a passionate writer who writes frequently. The platform lets you create your own website, and you can customize it according to your preference using widgets and altering the colour, layout. If cannot access a desktop computer browser, then post via your mobile phone. It is possible to post images and YouTube videos in your site, including JavaScript and HTML. Access the Blogger using  sign with gmail.

Whether it is about accessing the groups or google plus sign in account you need to use just one email address. You do not need to create varied email addresses.

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