Step by Step Guide to delete archived messages on Gmail on iPhone

archived messages on Gmail on iPhone

delete archived messages on Gmail on iPhone, At first glance, it might look as if all the archive email messages vanished from your iPhone. It happens so because the iPhone’s email app does not have the dedicated archive folder.  Nevertheless, you don’t need to stress that you’ve got lost your meaningful messages from colleagues and clients. Instead of an Archive File folder, the Email app mechanically transfers every archived message to your e-mail account’s All Email folder. It is possible to move it back to its original folder or select another folder after you find the archived messages. If you are confused with so many solution on how to delete archived messages then just follow these instructions.

4 Steps to delete archives messages on Gmail on iPhone

delete archives messages on Gmail


How do i delete archived messages on gmail?

When you add Gmail account to your iPad or IPhone, you will have noticed when you swipe your email messages right or left; no delete option appears; only an “Archive” feature is visible. Now, this feature only transfers your email messages to Archive Folder but don’t get rid of it.

Now, how you delete the archive messages? It is simple just follow these steps:


You are not needed to change any settings on your iPhone or iPad if you do not wish to as you can only send your unwanted messages to trash. Tap on the Edit option and choose the emails that you want to get rid off, now at the bottom of the screen tap on “Move” option and it will pop up the list of your email folders. Then just tap the “Trash” option and all your selected email messages will be deleted.


In your iPhone, you are also allowed to force your email account to show the Trash option. For the same just Go to the Settings> Mail, Contacts, Calendars and just click on the Gmail account. Now, tap Account>>Advanced – it will bring more options. Under the heading tap on “Deleted Mailbox” and you will see the default option is “Archive Mailbox” inside the Move discarded messages option. Tap account and confirm the changes.


Go back to the Gmail account and view the email list. Now, when you swipe the messages from right to left, you will see the “Delete” option. You can either just continue swiping to left delete the email messages or, tap the “delete” shortcut to complete the action.


You can delete a large set of your email messages by visiting the index of your email and tap on the “Edit” option. Select the message that you want to get rid off than at the bottom of the screen choose the “delete” option, which has already replaced the old Archive button. These are some of the easiest steps explained on how to delete archived messages in gmail.

You can also use the “Move option” if you want to archive your email messages or wish to move them to a different email folder.

If you have any question or concern regarding the deletion of archive emails on Gmail account in your iPhone, just drop your query in a comment box below, and we will get back to you within 24 hours. And we wiill get back to you with detailed solution on delete archived messages gmail.


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