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WhatsApp is a cross-platform messenger app for the mobile phones. Unlike many new messenger platform, WhatsApp supports a wide range of platforms – from some Java phones to the modern day Android or iOS smartphones. They are available in the respective app stores, however, WhatsApp has kept alternative options for installing the app on different smartphones as well. Now, one can easily access whatsapp messenger for android tablets free download.

WhatsApp has changed the way the messengers took over initial day typical text messaging. WhatsApp had set the standard to what it is today. Being initiated in February 2009, WhatsApp had been the first messaging app of its kind and all the rest of them basically followed along WhatsApp’s footsteps. Sure, there had been the introduction of better feature likes Viber’s video calling or Imo’s live writing features – but WhatsApp is simplistic and offers features to the point – exactly what is needed and praised by the users. What’s the point of filling up a messenger’s drawer with bundles of unnecessary stickers or emoji packs that none would love or use? Instead, it’s a wise option to only keep the ones everyone loves. On the other hand, WhatsApp doesn’t really go rough on a smartphone’s resources, unlike others. If you had been using apps like Viber, IMO or Snapchat for a long time, you should know how battery and data hungry they are. That never happens with WhatsApp – even on the lowest configuration Symbian smartphone WhatsApp runs at ease, and the data charge can’t even leave a scratch on the user’s account if only text messages are sent. On the other hand, there are plenty of WhatsApp messaging packages offered by numerous cellular operators; also the free usage offers that allow WhatsApp servers to pass through an internet connection for free.

No wonder WhatsApp is certainly one very popular messaging app of its time. If you want to get hands on, you have to download and install the app first and then open an account. Here are the processes of whatsapp messenger download demonstrated for different platforms –

WhatsApp on Android

For Android platform, two options are offered by WhatsApp. The user can either download the apk file from Google Play Store for free; or download the same APK file from WhatsApp website. Many region-locked Android smartphones don’t come with Google Play Store thus keeping an alternate option was sort of necessary.

To download WhatsApp on Google Play Store, do –

  1. Open Google Play Store on your Android Smartphone. Make sure you have signed in with your Google account into Google Play Store, otherwise an account prompt will show up asking the user to sign in with an
    existing Google account or create a new one.
  1. Search WhatsApp on the search bar. Alternately, you can click here to get there.
  1. A whatsapp messenger free download will take some time. Note that, Android 2.1 and above versions are supported by the current version that was released on February 16, 2016. Currently, you are out of luck for the older Android
  1. Once installed, open WhatsApp. The user will be asked to put a number to use WhatsApp with. The signing in/up takes only a few minutes. If there’s a WhatsApp message backup file stored in the device, WhatsApp will
    prompt the user for the restoration of the file.
  1. If your phone doesn’t have Google Play Store built-in, click here to download the apk file from WhatsApp’s web server.

WhatsApp for iOS

iOS devices that are capable of running a cellular radio service are allowed to download and install WhatsApp. Non-cellular iOS devices like iPod Touch or Wi-Fi only iPads will not have the capability of officially installing WhatsApp. There are workarounds for rooter handsets though, which we wouldn’t discuss in this article.

  1. Open App Store from the home screen. Make sure you have signed in with your Apple account before you proceed with the download. If you don’t have an Apple account, create one first.
  1. Navigate to WhatsApp download page by searching WhatsApp on the App Store search bar. Alternately, you might just click here.
  1. The file is 52.4 megabytes and will take some time to download. Once done, open WhatsApp and proceed with the logging in or sign up procedure.
  1. iOS 6 and above versions are supported.

WhatsApp on BlackBerry

Like Android, two methods are offered to download whatsapp messenger in Blackberry. Users can either download the installer from BlackBerry World app store or just download the file from WhatsApp server and install on their device.

  1. Open BlackBerry World on your BlackBerry device.
  1. Either search WhatsApp or click here to get to the download page.
  1. If your device is supported, the download will begin soon on your BlackBerry.
  1. The file is only 9 MBs, shouldn’t take more than a while.
  1. Alternately, you can also download from WhatsApp server.
  1. Proceed with the sign-in or sign up the process, whichever applicable.

WhatsApp for Nokia Old-Day Platforms

WhatsApp is supported even on the S40 or Symbian platforms; which was mostly adopted by Nokia in the earlier days of modern cellular phones. However, a lack of app stores means that the user will have to download the WhatsApp installer files for their Nokia handsets from the WhatsApp website.

  1. The files are different for each of the mentioned platforms. If you own an S40 platform Nokia handset, visit this link and download the file. For Nokia Symbian phones, follow this link.
  1. After the download is complete, navigate using the default file browser on your Nokia phone and install the files. You should have WhatsApp installed once this process is done.
  1. Use your phone number to start using WhatsApp on your Nokia handset.

WhatsApp for Windows Phone

For Windows Phone handsets, WhatsApp Messenger is available on the Microsoft Marketplace.

  1. Open Marketplace on your Windows Phone handset and search for WhatsApp, or click on this link.
  1. Download the file which is barely 33 kilobytes, the download will be done in no time.
  1. Install the software and after it is done, sign in using the similar methods described in earlier steps.


Installing WhatsApp isn’t a big deal after all, however, be sure to sign in with a valid cell phone number otherwise activation won’t be carried out and WhatsApp won’t be usable.


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