How to Create New Gmail Account in less than 10 minutes? Login – How to Create New Account in less than 10 minutes?

Gmail is one of the world’s favorite email client, and there are billions of users of Gmail throughout the world. If you are even slightly aware of the Gmail, then you are going to this comprehensive blog about Gmail features, Gmail sign up and sign in the process. Moreover, I will also let you understand how to create the Gmail account in less than 10 minutes.

At the end of the article, I will also provide you step by step guidance on how to delete the Gmail account. However, before we proceed on Gmail account set up and Gmail sign inprocess let’s understand more about the Gmail features and what makes it world’s best email client.

An introduction

Gmail is a creation of Google, and it is accessible free of cost to all the people in the world. In the year 2004, Gmail was first introduced. Moreover, the amazing part is after a while of its launch it already had millions of registered users.

If you are looking for the user-friendly email client, then I would suggest Gmail in the first place even before the The reason is has more of professional appeal which is good if you enjoy the email client strictly for business/work purpose, On the other hand, Gmail is quite flexible and can be adjusted to both personal and professional roles.

Also, if you would like to know the easiest way to create the Gmail account, then you should follow this blog carefully.

What is Gmail? is an electronic mail service providing website powered by Google. It enables you to send text and media files to one or multiple users through an email. However, to do so, one must have the valid Gmail email address. Gmail account allows its users to send the e-books, PDFs, rich media files, text messages and videos to other people. Even registered users of Gmail can leverage the cloud services of Google.

What are the top features of

  1. Google Drive (Free Cloud Storage)

If you create an account on, then Google automatically provide you with the cloud storage with the space of 15GB, and it is called Google Drive. It enables you to save any file in any file extension which you can access from anywhere irrespective of time and location. However, if 15GB free space is less as per your requirement, you can easily upgrade it to more than 30TB space (for which you have to pay).

I think it is one of the coolest feature that we get with Gmail account sign up. To read more about the Google drive features and functionalities click here!

  1. Theme support

With the you can also easily set any pre-defined theme in your Gmail account. It implies that you can change the layout of your account and in just few clicks you can give it a pretty look. Currently, Gmail has more than 50 themes that you can use.

  1. Automatic label filter or Label support

It is one of the nicest ways to keep your inbox organised in Gmail. The label feature in let you create labels as per the desired subject. Whenever you receive an email with that subject then it will be automatically delivered to designated labelled folder. And, you can change the label name anytime. It easily keeps your inbox cleaned.

  1. Hangout service/chat/video calls

If you have the account, you know how to easily access chatting and video calling features of the Gmail. It is one of the easiest ways to connect with your friends and family members irrespective of distance. As a Gmail register user you can also leverage the Hangout to conduct the group chat or video calls.

  1. Switch Multiple Gmail accounts

Now, Gmail enable its users to access their multiple Gmail account from one primary account. It means you can quickly add all your Gmail account to your main Gmail account and in just one click switch between multiple accounts.

How to create the Gmail account in less than ten minutes?

It is the simplest process, and it takes less than 10 minutes to create a new Gmail account. Just fill some information and click on Gmail sign up button and voila! Your new Gmail account is created.

Let’s take a look at step by step instructions as well:

Step 1 – Visit website and click on the Create an account option which is on a top right-hand corner.

Step 2 – Once you click on the Create an account option, then you will be presented with a new webpage asking some of your essential details. Here, you need to fill following information:

  • Your First Name –
  • Your Last Name –
  • Your username – (which will be your email address)
  • Password –
  • Confirm your password –
  • Birthday – in the format of day/month/year
  • Gender – male/female/others
  • Mobile Number – (must provide valid/active phone number)
  • Current email address – if you do not have an email address then leave the column blank
  • Type the captcha – as shown in the picture
  • Select the location – where you are living?
  • Tick the box to agree to the privacy policy of Google.

Step 3 – After completing all the information as asked above, now click on the “Next Step” option.

Step 4 – Now, you will be redirected to the page where you need to verify your phone number. A message will be sent to you give phone number by Google. Enter the same in the box and click on Next Step tab.

Step 5 – Your account is successfully created.

How to login the account?

To login to your Gmail account, you must know your username and password. If you know both these information the follow these steps:

Step 1 – Go to the site

Step 2 – Enter your username and click on Next tab

Step 3 – Now, enter your password and click on Sign in button

Step 4 – It will take you to your inbox if you have correctly entered your username and password.

If you want, then you can also access your Gmail on your mobile or smartphone. For that, you must get the Gmail app. If want to learn how to install the Gmail app or log in to Gmail app click here!

5 Steps to delete your Gmail account permanently

Step 1 – Login to your Gmail account and on the top right corner you will see your name initial in the round box. Click on it and then click on “My account” option.

Step 2 – It will give you the page with several options. Here find the “Account Preference” and under that option click on last choice “Delete your account or services”.

Step 3 – When you click on it, it may ask you to enter your password again. Once you enter, it will redirect you to the “delete your account or services” page.

Step 4 – Click on the “delete products” option and it will give you all associated products list, including Gmail.

Step 5 – Now, click on the “trash” icon next to Gmail product. Also, before deleting it also gives you an option to “download all your data” that you can use.

Moreover, you are done with the Gmail account delete process.

If you have any questions on account sign in or Gmail account delete, leave the comment in the box below, and we get back to you with the best solution.

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